Thursday, June 4, 2009

Performance or Popularity ?

I'm all for a mini and small mid size 30 K people company as like how we used to be before 10 years. The addition of 60 K people in this last one decade we've not achieved anything excellent product wise.

ideally everyone was exepecting the reason behind the layoffs to be, layoffs. That's not the case.
Case No. 1
employee is a senior manager in one of the smallest divisions of 3 businesses in hyderabad.
This manager X did not helped his manager Y to do all the honky ponky way of hiring and letting the Y manager's relatives to be hired. Mr.Y kept an eye over X continuosly and took his head when this god sent opportunity by our Big Ball(mer) boy came.

Case No.2
Second employee mid level manager. raises concerns, openly talks about poor practices, protests manager screw ups openly and brings it to timely notices of HR. Kick him off, threat message sent from higher ups utiling this opportunity.
MANAGER RELATION SCREW UPS are the only commanlity between all the laid off folks.

Now for time being, I'll stop with this 2 examples.
Atleast 15/60 of those guys( predominantly IT/SMSG/MGSI), I've worked with them directly or indirectly. So pathetic to see the non-performers(bottom 'underperformed') of the company are still get to stay and those 'Exceeded', 'Achieved' rated guys are kicked out.

I'm not going to stay with this company anymore, I'm more than willing to quit this 'filthy' practices, completely corrupt company any time if i can get another opportunity which doesn't need to pay me this much money, atleast work should be good and no politics. Anyone has such offers drop me a mail @ . will collate my resume and my likeminded friends resumes as well to the offered company.
i think 6-7 year with this company is more than enough to see through the whole cycle...
I'm also seriously searching monster, naukri.
Problem I face is, despite my 10+ year experience and 6-7 years in MS, outside market is not preferring MS folks as they're not finding us competent enough, "more talking, less work, just bluffers,highly priced". This is one of my recruiter friend's comment, so guys instead waiting for the day the next worst axe will come to your neck( July'23-Q4 and FY results), prepare yourself now. I know everyone of us got here by intelligence and 6-7 rounds of interviewing, so with little bit of planning and hard work we can land into an right opportunity without facing the social stigma.

Lets abandon this crappy place together and search for some nicer one...


  1. I think it's time to unsubscribe from your blog. Just by assuming the mini* name one doesn't become "mini".

    You really don't deserve to be in the company.

  2. Let me guess.. you work for MSIT (your previous post has enough hints). You also speak little English and your grammer is terrible.. how did you get through the 6 round of interviews at Microsoft?

  3. MS Mini India,

    Your posts are uninformed drivel.
    You are clearly biased and your post do nothing to help anyone.
    You should move on.
    Leave MS to the people who care about MS.

  4. I have been in the company for longer than you have and still love being here. I agree that there are a whole lot of things that need to be changed but none of those figure in your moronic rant. you have got to improve your English language skills. your blogs are embarassingly bad. Please leave MS asap - no one is going to miss you.

  5. Mini India - behanchod nikal jaa company se..
    Englishg Translation

    Mini - Sister Fuc!!! get out of the company ...

  6. Mini has been fired on Tuesday!!!

  7. do you just work for MS IT India or you are actually Ramkumar Pichai, you seem to only like him more than anyone.

    I won't be surprised if you are Ramkumar, spreading uselsss B.S and bashing your peers.

    I heard you, Ramkumar, joining SMSG soon. Have you had enough with MS IT India? based on this blog, I don't think you are welcome to our group, stay back with MS IT.

  8. we all know most of these bloggers have inside info, don't know of Ramkumar Pichai, but anything is possible.

    Do you know of any number for India in July?

  9. I keep hearing about June 30th as the day of reckening for MS-IT India team. they are not goignt to spare anyone, people managers and senior managers are included..L65-67 special attntion, everyone is in thier pants...G.Ms jumping ship confirms another round of layoffs.

    June 30th is going to be black day!

  10. Guys, any insights or more info on the Jun-30 date?

    What all orgs in India would be touched?

  11. MSIT got impacted on Friday..not sure on numbers

  12. 4 for WinSE(IDC) team, Last week.

  13. Whats up Mini (India) long time no posting. Did the layoffs hit u

  14. MIni - No News from you....wassup at MS India.. Has MS India turned the corner and marching towards prospeirity?

  15. Hey where are you

  16. u can get it also here -

  17. Thanks for posting, I visit your blog daily

  18. Where are you? Update please!

  19. Just noticed this blog while passing by. The first entry somehwat bothered me, but this one was just hillarious. This should honestly be taken up by someone as the "Mad TV" equivalent of the real Mini. Besides, we all get intentional humor, but humor that just flows so naturally out of someone? Priceless!

  20. Now we have a mini for MGSI also!

  21. >> outside market is not preferring MS folks as they're not finding us competent enough, "more talking, less work, just bluffers,highly priced".

    Very true ,We hired couple of Em from MSIT only to find out that they are just good at talking and havnt done any challenging work.Candidates from Services companies are more bright compared to them

  22. Hi,

    Need small help from you....
    My cousin have final interview at MGSI for 'Manual Tester' position(Designation: Associate Consultant) position.
    Way back in 2007, I worked for MSIT but dont have any idea on MGSI. Could someone answer following questions...

    (1) How good is MGSI when compared to MSIT interms of WorkSatisfaction, Salary and EmployeeRespect across Microsoft.
    (2) WorkLifeBalance in MGSI (Please make a note of the designation mentioned above)

    Your timely responses could help my cousin in taking right decision.


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