Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bring your child to work

I've seen how this program is executed before, not certainly this way, dirty cheap and very bad timing.
First of all when all the employees morale are down, why we're attempting at such very employee program in a cheap manner ? Suspend all such nonsenses, crap and bull shits for some more time...
I myself did not attempt to bring my kid to office that day, what's there to show in this office anymore ?
My frustrated colleagues, my military setup work offices (which is not allowing my old colleagues, but allowing my kids, totally idotic).
Please treat my impacted colleagues well until they're legally separating, if they revolt Indian government intervention satyam saga may repeat here and you guys may need to spend more to the politicians. Since you folks have not done a religious job of selecting people by merit for this first round of layoffs, please do not treat them badly.
Atleast in next rounds, cut only the fat Mr.Fatty Ballmer Boy, not the true veterans loyalists of the land. Now the useless freshers joined in IDC this month, APEX in MSIT dont have any confidence at all about the company's future and full time spending in monster and naukri. Try to see how much our internal traffic has grown in Monster, Naukri.
Do you think employees will still believe your story that the company takes care of them and their family ? what a idiotic attempt...
Do not even attempt telling all these stories, try to fix the real problems.
Get rid of crap mid and top management first. Do a sincere exercise through 3rd party about what's being really managed by the so called mid and top management , dont allow our HRBP since they're equally crap than anyone else in the company.


  1. You are just a frustrated underperformer.

    I did not find anything wrong with the event, and I think it was a perfect time for the event.

    "useless freshers"? What are you talkinmg about. Fresh joinees are our biggest assets.

    "try to fix the real problems", now that's a good advice. Employees like you are a problem. You ungrateful rat!!

  2. You really suck man.
    There is a hell a lot of diff between u and the actual mini.

    the actual mini loves MS and tries to improve it.

    But you detest MS to neck and try to make much more dimnish.

    Try something more constructive.

    Yes - I do agree there are n problems inside. But then you are not attackign in correct way. Think once again about your attitude.

  3. Please stop referring to Freshers as "Useless".
    For all you know some of the freshers might be more capable than you.
    Plus how do you know that the freshers are getting a good deal from MS. Do you know that joining of Bulk of freshers have been delayed by 5 months !
    So stop whining and please start doing some useful work.

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