Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MS IT India

Full of bull shit mid management and shitty top management( exceptions are there)
Meher Afroz
Let us start with Meher Afroz, She used to be Senior Project Manager kind of role in GE. Due to Moorthy's aashirvath, she reached the top most post when the GE gang took over MS IT India, lots of people including Moorhty got lost in the journey. But Meher some how still is able to keep her job despite many of her previous screw ups like bloating LPO four times for the sake of bumping up her own designation. People were laughing at her when she disagreed to report to Ramkp when LPO came under his portfolio and standing adjacent to him showing her ego in public. She don't know the basics of programming ( she thinks people code with telugu instead c#, dot net), such is the technical knowledge.
For God sake, stop this diversity nonsense argument and FIRE her. You can even check with the women employees in her own team and in direct team how egoistic she is.
Among the 3 principal/PUM she has, 1 guy is GE shit. Better fire 2 of them and place the whole organization under one principal/PUM. Realign this whole BG org to other leaders like Ramkp as an additional management work.
They sacked some good long term guys recently due to manager relationship thing, calling position cruciality. BRUTAL.
God save rest of the group if this trend continues. Go and pick your manager daily morning and drop him in the evening, this is the only way we can continue maintain our rapport with our managers.
Nagender Vedula
Tentative leader of MS IT India, too much of over head. Heard he was not a great top notch performer or anything of that sort when he used to work for Sudeep in MS IDC.
MS IT and Moorthy helped this incompete Principal man to become GM. He started bullying other leaders publicly which was not taken lightly among his peers, he survived just due to Moorthy's aashirvath again.
7 principal/PUMs- Half of them were oldies who failed miserably in their previous orgs. Cut this 7 principal/PUM as 3. Lot of those principal/PUMs are just managing 10-12 people which can be done by any Sr level (62-63) people also. Nagender team also got hit by the recent layoffs.
People hated to see Nagender's unfriendly face before they left(kicked out) out of "Rocking RxD".
About Nagender, downgrade him as PUM as like his previosu MS IDC role since he has not achieved any of the major commitments of the RxD( also too much of low morale) and continue ask him to run the show. He has MS material with him, but too much of arrogance.
Certainly rip him out of the tentaive 'MS IT India GM & representative of leadership' post and ideal candidate is Ramkp, who is down to earth, connect with people still.

Sreenivas Simhadri
One great achievement which we can't forget is, Kicking out the great Tarun Sareen. Sreenivas was a PM II 5-6 years back, can we dream about becoming a GM in such short tenure. We can if we dine the GM like Moorthy in our house regularly whenever he visits Redmond and do massage at appropriate times, get the strong old people kicked out and put your boys there.
All Moorthy's aashirvath again. Tarun was running the org ( exception, he's also from GE, but not crap) perfectly and kicked out very bluntly. Sad thing happened for the CoE.
We will wonder how mad Sreenivas and his leadership is, when he continue to nominate the same 'sharepoint assistant' of MS IT India for the each and every sharepoint site he creates for EXPO, goldstar, IT Pro,etc shitting awards. Guys- sharepoint not equals to INNOVATION. find out the real innovation in the process, development, engineering management style, etc some of your own team members are doing and award it. AIT CoE is the only fortunate CoE get to keep lot of the oldies yet, unforunate thing is everyone is struggling despite their loyalty, passion for the company and division.
Though Sreenivas came due to Moorthy's recommendation, he has good intentions most of the time. Greatest problem he has is, he do not know how to execute.
Not a miserable failure, need close coaching and mentoring so that connection with all grass root is made possible to set the org for success. Sreenivas org did not get much impacted during this layoff, except handful of the impacts.
Ted Linnenkamp
Never saw this Mr.American ( he shows off this often) in his room. His first great achievement was kicking out Adhunik Chug who used to wonderfully manage whole of GTS and other non Moorthy's org on dotted manner. He gave undue promotions to all the leads and made them as his confidants.
Good technical guy, but very poor manager/leader. Always go by the Redmond perspective whenever there were issues in the bridge. Hopefully this guy after bumping his levels, will return back to Redmond with an additional feather in his cap 'offshore management experience'.
Great Principal material, but not worth for people management itself( Dont talk about the leadership). Have not seen his org doing anything useful during this tenure together.

Deepinder brought ASM together and made it intact on his own without any of this guy's help.
ASM team seem to be overloaded with work. ( this is how they escaped the wave 2). Yet to deep dive to see number of SRs and amount of time spent by each support FTE to come up with the exact numbers we can cut as fat. Relocate them to GTSC or place them under GTSC role instead of laying off.

Heard some good oldie boys of InfoSec also got their axe (some GE Crap were also cleaned) during this recent lay off along with winding up of some groups reducing their strength. The guy who sells Infosec coming from the US consulting was pointed as reason behind this failure of InfoSec, clean him from the system if that is the case.
Keep the other directs of this org intact ( if possible give the bloated leaders a level downgrade to digest the hit and save some extra money) and bring all of them under Deepinder. Promote Deepinder, Bid farewell to this over prouded Ted guy soon as he is already done with his mission.( bring team together, lay off the additional buffer).

If possible consider aligning this org under the leadership of Sashikumar, GTSC Bangalore as it involves operation,etc.
Ramkumar Pichai
He's the only original leader in MS IT India who came on his own from the grass roots without massage, dinner,etc.
There's no point teaching a known learned person how to run his organization. Unfortunately his well run optimized organization also got impacted.
Make this guy as permanent MS IT India Leader, GM and empower him to transfer, get more end to end ownerships from MS IT Redmond.
Ram- Continue your good work and maintain that talk you do with all your grass roots. This is the only thing which is helping you to maintain the health of your organization ( as like your toned gym worked out body) intact.

MS IT India is still bloated with lot of crappy mid management and senior management, trim that fat. You've the talent, prove it to the some times too political redmond counterparts and help them understand it's not you're taking their jobs away.


  1. Hi Mini Indian

    Why don't you post something talking about the persons whoever got laid off ?

    It's pity to hear many of them are great people and stellar in their performance. Bad economy, luck, time and due to politics in the name of position elimniation, they got impacted.

    I think if your post do some analysis detailing the reasons, finding the common pattern behind the RIFs, it'll even help them gain more confidence to go ahead in their life, explore new avenues in their career.

    Best of Luck folks, we all feel you're lucky and we feel very stuck in this tight situation here.

    Don't worry, things will turn out good for everyone. By this we understood that we can't expect loyalty in this business world and we'll also teach MS soon when the market picks up leaving the company without any time.

    we MISS many of you, particularly the experienced mentors who were with us during all this period. Take care of your family first.

    This year I will donate Rs.1 if they organize "Giving Campaign" telling them indirectly to Mr. BILLG and his family empire that "Take care of your own company people before the world."

  2. I'm a final year engineering student. Till last yr,MS used to recruit 5-6 ppl from our campus every year. BUt this yr, won't companies like MS,Adobe etc recruit from campuses?

  3. what does "Moorthy's aashirvath" mean?

  4. aashirvath is an Indian word
    'getting the sincere divinely support' is the meaning

  5. This post looks like one where there are 10 % past truths and 90% made up stuff. They are the rantings of someone who is clearly not recognized for their leadership. The leaders in MSIT have done a very commendable job given the task that had to be done in a tough economic situation. They all have very commendable contributions in their histories at this company. Lets respect our leaders for what they do well and support them when we see opportunities. This is a way better method of approaching it, rather than mindless propoganda.

  6. this blog is the most hilarious comedy i have read in a long while. thanks for making me laugh.

  7. Nothing has changed in terms of leadership in RxD India

  8. same bullshit, different day

  9. MSIT sucks anyway. They are a black hole for MS money.

  10. Actually would agree with a lot of posts made in this blog. I've worked in MSIT till 2007, no idea guys like Tarun and Adhunik could be kicked out...How on earth? Shameful..really shameful..I still have a lot of friends in MSIT. Most of them are overworked having being shown dreams on working for Microsoft and now working on building shitty internal websites on leave, transport and finance management - and being shown dreams of Redmond. So much for working for one of the largest product companies..Got a job in MSIT? reconsider..not worth it...

  11. Surprising to see that this Hitler lady is still surviving in MSIT, yes. She is still surveying in the shadow of Sudhir Potay and the drill mastet.(GE idot) and recently joined Joker (surya)

  12. Looks like rant but there's a lot of truth to it! Microsoft can certainly do away with a lot of "extra" fat

  13. Absolute Bureaucracy by this selfish lady who doesn’t know anything about engineering and org management.

  14. How does this good for nothing lady been evaluated...? Looks like her manager is a crapy guy...

  15. MSIT is black spot in IT industry.Most of the managers are crapy and are here as part of their retirement plans. The top management are closely knit bunch of jokers and mid level managment if called joker will be insult to jokers. The only quality they have that they can lick the backside of their manager very well and stay in the organization and cash on the stocks and fatty pay package without any contribution.

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  18. this lady Meher Afroz is really horrible, I really wonder how this lady grow this fast. most of the time she does not even know what she is talking about

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  20. All Crappy managers still going strong !

  21. What about the biggest joker Muralikrishna??? All the f***** GE guys are STILL going strong- due to better politics management or real stuff. Can't believe the second though!!!! No wonder MS sucks big time these days.

  22. Greatttttttttttt ... Now I'm stuck with some of those above listed people and I can tell you.. it's NO BETTER! It was stated "He gave undue promotions to all the leads and made them as his confidants." about Ted L.. IT"S STILL THAT WAY! A lot of people just happen to leave, so he promoted and made up open head count for his confidants. I know work in a freaking Ted worshipers group! Everyone see's it and SO many people are frustrated. My manager, is Teds BFF and is like 5 other managers. Talk about no place to go or having a trusting path for confidential feedback. I might as well shoot my self in the foot and fire my self! He came in like a dog with rabies, letting our amazing people go, bringing in his friends from MSIT (some who have left MSFT, he created head count for them and now they are back!). He's UNABLE to think for him self or answer difficult questions. He talks all around the answer with out answering. After he's done you are left wondering WHAT THE HELL is he talking about? He loves to tell you what you want to hear, but ZERO actions to back it up. Sadly he's not been here long enough to leave but I hear it's every 2 years or so.. I can only count down the months until this happens. Honestly, I am looking out side of his org as he's so horrible... which SUCKS as I loved my job prior to him.

  23. Just so we're clear here. Ted Linnenkamp doesn't have any friends. He has acquaintances.

  24. If he or his loyal followers find out you went to HR to complain.. you'll get fired! I was "laid off" and my position filled in 2 weeks. Um if my job isn't needed how did you back fill. OH wait.. you needed that spot for another one of your followers from another company.. worked out nicely for them. Fire me, open head count for your friend. Lovely. Ted and his followers are some of the worst people at MSFT and they are killing good talent. I hope the entire department goes under. About 6 people from our team has complained about this.. we all got let go! So freaking unfair and HR stood by and did nothing. Thanks a lot.