Wednesday, May 6, 2009

IRM Joke

Thanks for the volunteers from different divisions documenting the messages from the IRM protected mails and sending it for public review.

Tony Scott/Ravi Venkatesan/Rest whoever using IRM at this stage-why IRM ?
What you're scared about ? As Mini-Msft-India, I'm all for a lean and mean organization, but do the exercise graciously so that we're maintaining the goodwill with those employees who're being managed out.
For past couple of months when we drove our guys out to company gates from all our divisions without any decent treatment and severance as 'immediate termination' in the name of performance, then we were not worried about getting media attention.
Now why unnecessarily protect all internal communiques through IRM ?
Don't you think media, political outfits are still sleeping due to the election ? No!
They're waiting for the big bang from us and then hit us there.

Indians have a strong communism flavour in their blood, be careful. Silent revolts of Indians have brought freedom to the country in 1947.

Mr. Tony Scott- What are you trying to prove by sharing all your contact details in all your mail signatures, Transparency ? LOL. If we want to do that, first let's come out in public with all details like 'why, how, when' about this exercise.


  1. fight after consulting with lawyers.
    as per Indian labour law you can sue, so dont sign any agreement tomorrow if you're asked to do it by HR. Consult a labour lawyer.
    Some news items useful to sue
    Why India's labour laws are a problem
    Second Labour Commission For Layoffs Sans Permission
    Corporates turn to law firms to avoid layoff disputes

  2. Lessons learnt: Jet Airways: Oct'08
    21'Oct Jet Airways decided to lay off over 1000
    30'Oct A week in the life of Jet Airways
    23'Nov No political pressure to reverse staff
    Go and Meet Mr. Naidu, Mr. Reddy and Mr. Chiranjeevi. Not joking...

    Like how we met Bal Thackeray and we were able make the reverting decision of 1800 people's lay off in Jet Airways with Political help, you also will be able to get some..

    Heard you people are too intelligent than all your peers in rest of the industry, do teach some lesson to the MNCs

    -Current Jet Airways Employee who got job back
    An ardent communist

  3. Leaving aside the "communists when comfortable" discussions, I think it will be very good idea to have the local politician involved in this.
    How I wish for a Raj Thackrey (Not Bal but Raj who did intervene in the Jet thingie) at local level. But let's not look at the gift horse in the mouth yet!!

  4. Be on-topic and stop posting senseless posts.

    The supposed 'strong communism flavor', freedom struggle, 'Indian-ness', and Microsoft cost-cutting have no relation whatsoever as you are suggesting.

    And, in case you want to become a communist labor union leader. stop imitiating the real mini-msft's motto of slimming MSFT into a lean and mean company.

  5. But then as an industry, we are too much in the higher bracket to cause effect like the Jet guys did. I see us just taking this shit lying down and waiting for good times to return!!!

  6. I'm all for a lean and mean Microsoft India.

    After hearing the sad family impacts( laid off employee's father died due to health insurance mess up due to the sudden termination, pregnant wive got miscarriaged due to shock of the news about termination) of some of the employees who were terminated in the last 2 weeks here in MS IT India, I'm strongly inclined to go, take a communist way of fight, get a decent severance package atleast.
    I want Microsoft to be successful, but not at the cost of employee's lives.
    I know if there's no political intervnetion, leave giving the job back, we may not even interested to give additional paise as severance.
    Before questioning my integrity and passion for the company,please do your due diligence whether we have given advance notices and enough severance to all those who were asked to move before?

    All of their stories are very terrible and those guys are not even picking up any of the phones from their old MS colleagues. They hate MS to the core.

    The popularity game played a role in the past layoffs, not complete meritocracy. If we have adpated some real good metrics, we should lay off some of the big heads who were part of the big 'expansion' mess up.
    Accountability ?

    I'm sure that they we would not end up repeating such mistakes when we have the fear of public intervention, atleast let us try it make simple and straight ( 2 months notice, decent severance, no threat for signing the agreement,providing medical insurance for 2 more months, etc)for all of the employee's whoever getting impacted in this wave 2.

    Expecting some big head should also role down along with shop floor employees..

  7. Ummm, your posts are highly emotional, indulge in excessive name calling, and are less useful by the day. So you want to go Communist? Go ahead, run away and join the Naxalite movement. You enjoyed the fruit of Capitalism when the going was good, but now that the Capitalists are demanding returns on their capital investments, you want to turn Communist?

    Hypocrisy. Meaningless blather.

  8. If you are still working at msft...msft is really in bad state

  9. mini microsoft india, please stay out of the other blog. you are not making a difference but just spoiling indian culture and heritage. C'mon yar, think positive and be logical - keep your typical indian emotions can do it!

  10. My gut feeling says, if you don't change your style (posting names, postitions, internal memos) your ass will get the boots...and when that happens there is no point in further cyring. Well, don't under estimate technology my dear friend. It's good to have some freedom in blogging but you are spoiling it.

  11. Apart from the fact that you are an embarrassment to all Indians through your ridiculously childish posts, there is another reason for you stop this nonsense.

    Its much easier in India to legally get data from blogspot(ie google) and track you down. Microsoft India can really screw you if they choose to. If they do this and fire you, you will be gone in minutes *without any sort of severance, notice period money* etc.

    Just accept this is how corporates work and let things slide. Stop trying to be a super hero and make sure your next paycheck isn't affected...

  12. @12:21 AM

    Ouch! Sounds like a thinly veiled threat. I don't particularly like the minimsft-India blog style, but respect that this is free speech. I know India has free speech and it regularly gets exercised in the press and on the street.

    If minimsft-India is posting crap, the blog will wither away because nobody will bother to read it. But that shouldn't be a reason to "accept this is how corporates work and let things slide." Sounds like a thinly veiled threat from someone who can't take some criticism, even if that criticism isn't as polished as it could be.

  13. Pls stop blogging. U will be caught and will get sacked soon.
    We already know ur one of the ICs, and not a manager from ur posts. Not too difficult for HR to find out.

  14. Ur poll on MSR is so biased. Why didnt u have an option MSR Sucks? Stop all this non-sense and dont leak out MS info to outside worlds for no benefit.

  15. Forget about all the negative tinsg here in the blog. utterly dusgusting, I'd like to see some serious concern shown on the areas where there leader may have beeen to faliure in sme inimal approach (but they werelargely consostent and on message)and whst he/she did t orecvoer from this company from a touch ecemomin situation. ALll these efforts are largely pisitive and deserve menthing. We hae a mobie strategy, a Wun 7 Setrategy, and IT strategy, and a very sound MGSI Strategy and of ourse our breab an betters diviisiosn. Out pastners in INDI and MSR reseach do a fantactic job at reacgin time and help to bre e a "On presence of the item tem to the end customer. Lets keep a;ll speculation . the bak door wattre==er cokker discusssion i=of a minimum and be heads dowwn tht th e deovery of application,

  16. Mini MSFT India .. your post sucks .. you need to be more mature and reflect the true nature of the problem than turn it into a communal playground.

  17. Thanks for all your honest and open comments.
    I'm always on the learning folks

  18. Well I am sure that the heads of the various teams and the company got their bonuses. ( that too on time). Sure this is bad