Tuesday, May 5, 2009

RAVI VENKATESAN: Update: Realigning Resources and Reducing Costs

From: Ravi Venkatesan
Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 2009 7:44 PM IST
To: One Microsoft in India (FTEs)
Cc: India Leadership Team
Subject: Update

Dear Team,

I Hope that you have had a chance to read the email from Steve Ballmer and Kevin Turner about our continued efforts to realign resources and control expenses.

In the recent weeks, we have taken a careful look at every aspect of our business in order to make the necessary adjustments to align our resources with the right short-term and long term business priorities. The fundamental reset of the economy has created a new reality for the company and we have to take the appropriate and necessary actions to create a more focused organization.

I am saddened to share that about one percent of the net rolls across India will be impacted by the realignment. While the impact is across almost all business units, the highest impact is across MSIT and SMSG.

Please rest assured that India remains a priority for Microsoft, both from a talent and a market perspective. We will continue to hire and create employment opportunities in line with the recovery and growth of the economy and make strategic investments which are best suited to the current economic environment.

These are difficult times and we are deeply concerned for our colleagues who find their roles impacted by this situation. We are committed to doing whatever we can do, including helping them find appropriate assignments either in India or internationally.

Thank you for all your hard work and commitment in these challenging times.

India Leadership Team


  1. Will new college recruits be affected by this realignment ??

  2. definitely yes..... Exp. Pepple are lossing there job.. then how you will get job?????

  3. I joined MS 8 months back...will I be fired as well?

  4. How's the corporate structure of MS-India? What comes under MSIT and SMSG?

  5. >> I joined MS 8 months back...will I be fired as well?
    Yes, you will.

  6. >> How's the corporate structure of MS-India? What comes under MSIT and SMSG?
    Look it up in the GAL or search for it on MSW.

  7. As a US Software Engineer with 12 years experience, all I can say is: "Welcome to the REAL face of the global economy guys!":).

  8. All the 5 MS IT Centre of Excellence teams (ExD, RxD, AIT, BGIT, SMD) comes under MS IT India.
    To know more about divisions under SMSG here, check one of my post about SMSG India.

  9. Welcome to the "global economy." It is fun when the money is rolling in. Not so fun when it stops rolling in. Hyderabad was living in a huge bubble the last ten years. Welcome to reality. That money that was pouring in was seeking a return on that investment. It won't stay long if the returns are elusive -- as they are for most of IDC.

  10. @ 9:38
    Yes, you are right.We are learning the hard way what it means to work for a private firm whose sole aim is to make profit and not spare a single penny for the employees cause.
    But again i don't think cutting foot soldiers would make any difference. The need of the hour is deep cuts in managerial rank.

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  12. MSFT is also fuck'd up company - the problem is they need to do layoff's as layoff's. I heard from folks that they are doing it in a very mean way.

  13. First they hire more than what is needed and then then they fire them. The problem is with the senior management team who did mass hiring in last 3 yrs over throwing the original culture of hiring less but quality people. College fresher were hired at a much higher package just to compete with another great company Google (totally unwanted). Culture brought from non Microsoft guys (mostly they say from GE) brought this crisis. When you go to a new company first adapt to its culture and they try to improve it and not vice versa. Lesson learned in hard way but good for Microsoft in long run.

  14. leave microsoft before they fire you on a days notice without any severance package.

  15. removed one post, no personal vendetta name calling.