Friday, May 1, 2009

Future of Microsoft India Development Center(IDC)

We've finished our 10 years of operations in India recently, are we happy about our performance ? No ! certainly not at all.

Srini is getting corrupted these days joining the back street MoorthyU, AmitCircar and RaviV. Lost his own credibilities which he's known before. Where's the innovation if we're not concentrating on it on a day to day basis ? We hear them only when Soma comes down to visit us in the name of Innovation day, etc as other cooked up stories as well.

Whether Srini is just staying to get his 1000s of stocks to vest and then leave ?

Does Soma know about the low morale of all the teams here due to lack of vision or focus in the management ?

some heart felt suggestions to Srini now....

  • Hiring from premium campus alone is not going to help our org in the long run
  • encourage the techie loyalists who are there with the organization for long time now( joined IDC and looking for opportunity to contribute more and grow, not the relo fellows)
  • STOP hiring from outside for management roles those who do not have single clue about what is management, MS culture, delivery style, etc
  • Look for talent in MS IT India, MGSI, SMSG, MSR, GTSC, Tap the good talent by appropriate encouragement of cross division movement( certainly do not poach).
  • Grow the internal talent
  • Award regularly, religiously for INNOVATION through placing appropriate mechanisms
  • Get the ownership end-end so that grass root engineers are not randomized to make the transition happen on their own risk and effort
  • shed your ego, talk to the 'first and best customer' MS IT sitting in your next door
  • shut down all GIVING relevant activity until economy revives
  • Introduce IDC Management Score Card, make it public
  • Make the organization follow more AGILE(scrum) engineering practices
  • cut down all REDMOND trips across the board, use live meeting, round table
  • bring more accountability to PM roles( I see them roaming around all the time without work, just randomizing other dev, test functions), build the PM excellence more strongly
  • share best practices, run a Monthly best practice call
  • STB is doing 42 projects, a grass roots innovation concept. Emulate that
  • collaborate more with academia, bring out more research sense, Envision for future to really innovate
  • collabrate with Enterprise customers like Infy, Wipro, TCS more to know their feedback after using our products. Be a messenger and feedback collector for all our products and create a team to collate this feedback to Redmond Product Teams
  • participate in the local Customer Show Cases more seriously
  • CUT THE CRAP @ all levels DILIGENTLY, GRACIOUSLY by giving enough notice with decent severance package

out of the below 29 groups in IDC, except EM Labs and Veda none of the teams are reporting to Srini anymore. What's the use of paying Srini in crores of Indian rupees to lead up a big organization at this tough economy ?

  1. WLC IDC by Perraju Bendapudi
  2. WinSE by Pankaj Lunia
  3. RD Virtualization by Jaideep Ganguly
  4. NIS India EAP-WINS team by Vijay Mamtani
  5. CRM by Nagesh Pabbisetty
  6. Unified communications by Nagesh Pabbisetty
  7. MS Learning by JPS Kohli
  8. MBD by Rajiv Kumar
  9. IDC OBA by Hariprasad
  10. MIW IDC by Prashant Gupta
  11. SP Express by Ganesh Pandey
  12. IndiaDev Windows by Amit Chatterjee
  13. Data & Storage Platform (SQL) by Sanjay Anand
  14. SQL CE by Sanjay Anand
  15. Velocity by Seshu Adunuthula
  16. SQL Developer & Manageability by Balaji Rathakrishnan
  17. WWLG by Anil Bhansali
  18. WWAN by PArtha Gosh
  19. NetSec
  20. Adcenter by Avi Saxena
  21. Mobile Platform & Tools by Sudeep Bharati
  22. JScript PU
  23. PET
  24. EM Labs by Niranjan Nayak
  25. ENG IDC by Pankaj Lunia
  26. EE
  27. DPM by Sundar Srinivasan
  28. biztalk by Balasubramanian Sriram
  29. Veda


  1. Like the Swine Flu, ranting has gone global.

  2. Layoffs also have spread more faster than what expected, even faster than the flu.
    Trimming became essential everywhere. But how we do it is going to matter a lot.
    Now as of now in India, it's only the 'manager relationship thingy'.

  3. I think the layoffs are bound to happen and they should happen.. But instead of cutting the fat the SLT is cutting the muscle - this is sad state of affairs.

  4. Welcome to layoffs. Those of us in the US have been losing jobs to India. Helps you understand what we are going through.

  5. Its not a matter US and India etc... do you think during the 2001 dot com bust and recessionary phases till 2004 Indian IT industry did not face layoffs.
    The crux of the point is that a great company like MSFT is on the verge of devastation because of improper management and leadership.

  6. There's a familiar name on that list. Interesting to see how far some people can go at MSFT despite massive character flaws and complete lack of useful skills.
    Apparently they're running the place into the ground though so it's nice to know the basic laws of nature haven't been repealed yet.

  7. Cool , some one has hit the nail, bunch of corrupt leaders who need to have been fired first instead of all the hard working folks who were shown the boot

  8. Dont you think its all part of politics even in layoffs, this f--- leadership will favor whom they want to lick their ...

  9. Well MSIT is lead by few sadistic people especially TTA. Not to mention a single dev lead has turned to be repellant for well qualified and innovative people. Constantly annoying, mis-representing facts and never satisfied a****le. I have seen cases where people have left his team paying 1 contract fee to just to get ride of him.

  10. Is it MSIT -India TTA dev lead, I noted the same.

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