Friday, May 1, 2009

SMSG India- Wazup with RaviV ?

Do not know what Mr.Ravi Venkatesan brought when he joined Microsoft except the manufacturing experience. All of us accept he's again IIT, blah, etc . But great leader ?

Not really !!!

Now everyone in SMSG have this question in their mind, "Ravi is worth continuing as CHAIRMAN & CORPORATE VP, INDIA ? "

This Cummins India Alumnus joined Microsoft as Chairman, GM since 3'Feb'2004. Any major achievement he has personally achieved here in India during this 5 years ?

Did he reached this VP position from GM level on his own efforts or just through the love fest tact ?

Particularly whether any sales number went up due to his personal efforts, any government partnership with Indian Government to tackle Piracy and reap out benefits for the company from that initiative ?

Now let's dig deep about Ravi's organization..

  1. Latif Nathani heading Unlimited Potential Group( 2 directors + 1 Head, 1 lead)
  2. Meenu Handa heading PR & IMAGE(2 leads, 2 Managers, 1 PM)
  3. Rajan Anandan heading OEM with 1 Director, Public Sector with 1 GM, DPE with 1 GM, SMS&P with 1 GM, ENTERPRISE with 1 GM, MARKETING & OPS (BMO) with 1 GM, ENT. SERVICES with 1 Group Director, GSI with 1 Director)
  4. S. Balaji heading Chief of Staff
  5. Sonia Gupta as executive assistant
Rajan's org is too bloated and have huge potential for trimming in overall Ravi's org.
  • Merge OEM, Public sector, DPE, SMS&P and bring under 1 GM
  • Merge Enterprise, Marketing&Ops(BMO), Enterprise Services, GSI and bring them under 1 GM
  • Except 2 GMs, we can show door to remaining all leaders in Rajan's organization.
  • We have too many directors in the second level who have no work except filing expenses and continue travelling without any goal and efficacy.
We heard Balaji is relation of Ravi and that's the reason he got the 'Chief of Ravi Empire' role. This is not time for our love festivals, so no need to spare him under the cuts.

Overall we can spare Ravi still since he drove the One Microsoft India theme well compared to all his other colleagues Srini, Moorthy, Sashi under the agenda given to him.
In the ground grass root level SMSG is under staffed in India and in management levels (M2, M3) it is too bulky here in India, management people are more in number than those ones who're executing.

Bring back Ravi's old manager Sanjay Mirchandani to guide him back and focus if Ravi is not accepting this trimming proposal.
Sanjay used to be Microsoft president, Asia-Pacific before he signed off to EMC^2. He used to have a serious disciple Mr. Arumugam Saravanan, excellent leader who setup shop for MS IT India and then setup MGSI, 2 successful ventures of India.

Rip the so called campus hires across SMSG, bunch of people who do not have single clue about the customer. Do not sack experienced people, as dealing with customer can not be taught in single day like technology.

Jean-Philippe Courtois listening ?
Congratulations from everyone in the grass roots for finishing 25 years


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  2. You know the difference btn mini and mini-India?

    You lack passion, consitency, coherence.

    Sadly same is the case with most of the developers in India.
    And if there is anything left, the above comments fills in that gap.

  3. Enabled comment moderation to prevent future disasters...

    In the past 7 years with MS India, I might have lost my passion, consistency, coherence somewhere on the way due to the crappy nature and political interventions increasing, In case if you were able to find out, please help me out to come out of this disastrous situation of not being passionate.

    I'm aware those who more and more time here in the company are also on the same boat and may benefit from your advise.

  4. Confirmed news that few people are going to be laid off in SMSG as their projects are being scrapped. Decision to be communicated in less than a week.
    And there are not the bottom 10%.

  5. It's healthy to criticize an organization, but this blog has an unhealthy focus on naming names. An occasional name of a senior exec may be ok, but slandering every single manager by name vastly undercuts the value of the criticism of the larger organization.

    My advice: Drop a name or two once in a while if you have to, but don't spend even a second bad mouthing individuals. Nothing good comes out of that.

  6. Well done ! This is a good effort, hope you keep updates flowing through. I will be a regular reader. Dont worry about other comments you will find people are harsh just ignore them.

  7. Well !! Thanks for heeding to my comments and taking action. Way to go. Will definitely be following you. Thanks for taking this up.

  8. Pleasure, continue share your thoughts.
    I'm expecting more people to contribute to this effort.

    Started getting mails from people of different divisions with their stories, experiences. That is another reason behind coming up with detailed enough post for 3 key divisions of Microsoft India.

    cut the crap and fat in SMSG Management first

  10. Nice try to piggy back on someone else's success. You lack the imagination to come up with an original name but preach. Wait... those who can't... preach.

    I bet you have not worked under SanjayM. Mirchi and others before him were lucky to be in the right place at the right time. Rising tide lifts all boats.

    The markets have matured and MSFT is feeling the pain of doing the same thing for too long.

  11. MSFT is a big hype. I would love to be explained as to

    1. Would we need an airconditioned transport to and fro office while our colleagues are losing their jobs?
    2. Why would anyone need so many flavours of coffee/cooldrinks?

    Just imagine. with current prices, even if it saves the jobs for 5 people, would we not go by non airconditioned buses and stay put with one flavour of coffee/cool drink

    I am not taking any position. My heart lies with people who were laid off. Some of them joined an year back thinking that they joined world's great company

    That is true.. but it is no longer run by world's great management. If SteveB cannot find profits with 30billion dollars top line, should not he retire

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